Addium Review: Part 2/3 Three Weeks In (Limitless Pill Review)

Update June 12th 2015: Addium replied to me directly after having a bad reaction, said they're updating their formula to remove Niacin which likely caused the reaction. Here's their comment:

Update June 10th 2015: Despite a good start to my Addium trial I had pretty bad side effects one day near the end of the trial and cannot recommend it. Please check out Part 3 if you're thinking of trying it:

Original description: A quick update on my Addium review, little over half way through my one month trial. I'll publish the full review soon at

Quick update. While Addium no longer have an affiliate program (that I know of at the time of adding this update [22 May 2015]). I do now have Amazon Associates links at the website above, just to be 100% transparent.

24 thoughts on “Addium Review: Part 2/3 Three Weeks In (Limitless Pill Review)

  1. How can anyone not notice how much clearer and faster he is speaking! You
    your self can’t notice it because the effect has a “little by little”
    process, my conclusion is that this pill obviously works.

  2. I noticed GABA, that is what anti anxiety meds make increase in the brain,
    which help with nervousness, anxiety attacks, panic attacks etc..probably
    one of the big things that supposedly calm people and make them in a better
    mood.. its not like an anti depressant or dopamine, serotonin etc..

  3. This sounds like nothing more than a hyped up diet pill. Maybe when I run
    out of Stacker3 I’ll give Addium a shot.
    If I start talking fast, stuttering, and uncontrollably shaking my hands…
    I’ll quit Addium immediately. lol

  4. I’m confused in your comments you said addium made it better but in your
    last video you had negative reviews, should I try for 1 month?

  5. One of the only reviews that comes off as sincere, yet people are still
    beyond rude; no surprise there. Great review, Limitless. I’ll try it out
    for myself, thanks to you.

  6. Everyone keeps talking abt how you’re acting like a drug addict/like
    someone with ADHD/etc. Honestly I don’t know what you guys are expecting.
    He told everyone the caffeine content was super high in the unboxing. This
    is actually what high amounts of caffeine do to you???? And caffeine
    addiction is a thing?????? 

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