45 thoughts on “Limitless Pill Scene

  1. I tried crystal meth not too long ago,I don’t want to ruin my life so I’l
    never do it again but I now relate to this movie incredibly well.It’s like
    my hole life I always associated myself with my achievements and such and I
    I’ve pretty much always been depressed ever since high school.Now I know
    that the background is never really important and that if your inside is
    good than it will manifest in the outside.I now read everyday,meditate
    everyday,I’m waking up slowly.Once you’ve experienced the journey this
    movie is 5x better!!

    1. Meth is an Amphetamine and that is where you got the buzz from.

      You can fill in that void if you are interested in by more traditional
      methods based around personal development such as training your mind and
      developing your life style.

      But you need to desire this change and desire the methods. You can train
      your self to increase your IQ.

      IQ is not a static concept where a human is born with a fixed IQ. People
      who progress from high school through to Phd have actual increase in IQ.
      Now there are limits meaning you cannot just move to being Einstein.

      Have a look at memory palaces for example or speed reading.

    1. +edawg792 True. But I’d trade a bit of brainpower over discipline any day,
      every time. What’s the point in being Einstein when you fail to realise
      your potential?

  2. I’m glad they did this scene. Not enough credit is given to the idea of
    mentally stimulating a woman and recognizing she doesn’t want to be angry.
    She wants some……. release 😆.

    1. +bighands69 Some people are naturally productive; this can be whether by
      training yourself at a young age by accident, or it can be a personality
      trait. I find that to be my personality and in someways how I conveniently
      trained myself when I was younger, but another thing that can make a
      difference is what you eat. I find that if I eat a more diverse diet, as
      well if I stay away from the normal crappy commercial foods, I can actually
      improve brain function.

    2. You can train your self to become more productive if you desire. That is
      what Buddhist monks do in terms of self reflection and personal
      development. They train the mind.

      Ordinary people are taken straight of the street and turn into military
      operatives all through training.

      The brain is placid and redevelop around injuries and we can also do this
      by training our brain and bodies.

    1. +jackcarterog001 No they don’t.
      the problem with the friendzone is the interested party doesn’t grow a pair
      and make a clear move. And if you try and fail, then you need to break off
      the friendship as well. In my opinion ending a friendship you were only in
      because you wanted to upgrade it is healthy anyways.
      You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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