36 thoughts on “Limitless Soundtrack – Happy Pills

  1. Who here wants to become a powerful figure in this World? Who wants to be
    able to accomplish the things this guy did but actually do it in reality? I
    want to bring together all the people that want this type of life, that are
    motivated and feel like they are in this World to do more than work a 9-5.
    We all have the amazing power of free will, so what will you choose? Stay
    in your scheduled and danger free life? Or are you ready to take a chance
    and work hard, put your time, your sweat into what is needed to become
    LIMITLESS. Reply to me if you are interested, I am thinking of creating a
    Facebook group that can unite us. Imagine, just imagine if we came together
    and worked together to help one another to accomplish our goals. I am only
    looking for people that truly believe nothing is Impossible and that are
    ready for change, if this sounds like you reply here.

  2. When i listen this song i don’t know how but i just leave my room and open
    my computer and stay for 5 hours trading like Jordan Belfort do before, i
    don’t know how but what i’m sure is that i will do something crazy in this
    world, the only thing is that maybe not now but tomorrow, oh yes baby.

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