My compilation on movie "Limitless". Music: Paul Leonard-Morgan – Trading Up, Paul Leonard-Morgan – Coming Up, Paul Leonard-Morgan – Trashed Hotel, Paul Leonard-Morgan – Eddie Is Sick.

28 thoughts on “Limitless

  1. Creative FX. Looking up at the ceiling tiles and seeing stock market
    quotes. I’ve done that drug free seeing ticker tape words going by that
    make no sense. Like overhearing conversations by post humans pretending to
    be having a talking-in-tongues dialogue in English where you can only pick
    out one word in ten. I used to think I was in a Truman Show. I was right.
    It was no Truman delusion

    1. +Clocky my comment is 2 months old and you’re still here commenting “trying
      to get the last comment” (that statement is fucking ironic coming from you)
      lol get a life

    1. +Hard Had a prescription for modafinil for 6 months and have also been on
      adderall. The closest way to feel like you are on NZT in my opinion is no
      alcohol, eating very healthy, and getting good sleep and exercise.

  2. I’d use the NZT-48 to make a safer, permanent effects version with nearly
    no side effects called NZT-49. Then I’d create element 149 or something and
    become indestructable. Afterwards, I’d create a cure for blood cancer,
    behavior remodification facilities that tweaks people’s behavior using
    futuristic pharmacology, better schools. I’ll get bored at some point, so
    I’ll make the best videogames ever. Then I would make NZT-50 which would
    equal a five digit IQ. I’ll create vast underground cities run on cold
    fusion and end global warming. Then I’ll be bored, so I’ll perfect smart
    metal technology and make sexbots that turn soft and moist during sex, but
    turns tough during battle. Smart metal is already starting to become a

    1. +LifeGlitch1 Well… what can I tell you mate, in regards to the cure for
      blood cancer try hemp oil, behavior remodification, try NLP (the real lire
      NZT), also try marketing, (recommended book: PROPAGANDA by Edward Bernays),
      better schools is up to inside management, they have the research, the
      technology and the resources, but business is too good to do anything about
      it. Learning, wow, now that’s something that requires a lot of time, but
      take enough practice and dedication, and you are truly limitless!!

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