53 thoughts on “Modafinil Experience – Focus vs Creativity. The Real Limitless Pill?

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    2. +Dale Campbell
      Sorry brother, if you’re genuinely being legit it’s a shame because you
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    3. +Dale Campbell
      I *am* my boss. Why should someone else tell me what to do and skim my
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      😛 For me work isn’t really work, because I used to do it for fun before I
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  1. I was put on modafinil when the FDA took away a drug, first synthesized in
    1913, which had been used in France and then allowed in the US. I had taken
    it for 25 years without a single health or psychological problem. All it
    did was gently ‘wake’ up my brain so I could think and make decisions and
    remember things. I could respond to others and my response did not take
    several minutes of thinking and the words made sense too.
    There was no reason for taking it from the market other than the money BIG
    PHARMA would make from their cr*ppy ‘new’ drugs.

    Modafinil did NOT help nor does its successor, armodafinil (Nuvigil).
    I had to leave my career and my husband of nearly 30 years divorced me.

    If you wish to you may read a WIKI but it did not cause the liver failure
    they state. My liver function tests have always been normal. I called the
    FDA and told them my thoughts on the matter. It wasn’t long before products
    containing acetaminophen were pulled from our pharmacy shelves.

  2. Don’t know whether he introduced the music and the images at 7:50 to try
    and distract us from what he was saying as a test to see whether we could
    focus. Am I the only one to think that?

  3. Interesting post mate. I also love self improvement. Also working on sales
    skills, even tho that is not my profession. I listen to audio books like
    autobiographies all the time and carry carry journal for my ideas. Do you
    have any other ideas? Also have two life rules. Don’t go to a club
    expecting tail without game. So if you go, go with a female. And don’t
    disrespect your body with smoking or alcohol unless you are using it as a
    too to facilitate social engagement for others. 

    1. +jehmin jung Thanks for commenting! Sales is an interesting subject
      definitely and the skills are highly transferable! I do have quite a few
      other ideas/opinions, check out some of my other videos if you’re
      interested! I also blog at thebioneer.com. Alcohol is a tricky one – I feel
      rough after it and know it does nothing but harm counter to all my other
      activities… but it’s just too much fun 😛

    2. +jehmin jung You are wrong about the alcohol part. A very recent study of
      centenarians in the USA show they all have one thing in common: they all
      drink a little bit of alcohol on a regular basis.

    3. One was claiming my opinion based on personal ethics was incorrect. So I
      wanted a reasoning to why that statement was made. In the event some people
      who live longer, indulge in alcohol. Does not mean my guidance is supposed
      to allow someone to live longer, nor do i plan on living longer than
      average. So i do not understand your point of the argument.?

  4. It really depends on how your body/mind responds to drugs… I tend to be a
    thinky person and weed exacerbates the thinking part too much to the point
    of anxiousness… I don’t enjoy it for anything creativity or relaxation…
    If I want to relax I will have a drink as this calms my body and mind…

    I tried adderrall for focus enhancement and did not experience the anxiety
    some people experience…

    So my point is this, we don’t all express genes/proteins/enzymes to the
    same level so your body will respond in a unique way and one person’s
    account is certainly not universal… All this with a caveat that as with
    anything in life you need to treat your body well and not overdo one
    thing… from exercise to drugs

  5. … I’m already extremely creative… Like I make soap, crotchet, draw, and
    love writing poetry… If I got my hands on this I’d learn how to play
    musical instruments for sure.

  6. It’s a shame that your audio is so bad, because you are a very articulate
    person and this is a very interesting video. If you got better audio I
    think you would get more subscribers! :)

  7. I have ADHD. Concentration is not big on my list. I generally, with the
    exception of unsweetened Ice Tea, am not an addictive personality. Do you
    think short term use of it, perhaps cycling it, would be an option?

  8. i am always fatigued and can’t focus, brain fog, and tired, sleep doesn’t
    help, exercise doesn’t help, nothing helps, this may be my last hope

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