42 thoughts on “Modafinil Review (Real Life NZT-48 Limitless)

  1. My advice to you, stay away from things that are so-called “free”.
    Seriously who would have the resources or would want to be giving out stuff
    for free to to hundreds of thousand of people if they’re not getting
    something back? that’s when scamming comes into play

    1. no, i already ask these drugs, in drugsstore, this isnt cheap drugs but u
      need doctor reciepe, this drugs actually price between $10 – $20 @10. sorry
      bad english

    2. you are right there , it would be realistic to get some free if you buy
      some acualy but just to get 10 free …i think this whole video is scam to
      get ppl bait to that site and get these , and i dont think it will work
      like its sad in the video … maybe its just some cheap drug ? (btw sory
      for my bad english , im still learnin)

    1. Modafinil is real, and the effects will hit you in about 10-15-30. The
      first time I used it, I used a generic called modalert. It was really great
      for me at first, but then my tolerance built up fast. I didn’t even use it
      that much, just for big tests and important events. It makes you feel
      focused like a mf, you feel more awake and alert. You feel like you’re
      alive for the first time. Its quiet the experience.

    1. +MushiMushi Can I ask how this is mean? Is it really mean to look like
      someone? He said he looked like him not acted like him…

    1. +Scott MItchell It makes you see things from a different perspective right?
      Like you can observe something which would otherwise be “normal” and see
      underlying dynamics that you normally miss.

      For instance, my friend was always pulling at his t-shirt around his belly
      area, normally i would not think twice about it but on LSD I realized he
      was insecure about that part of his body which is why he was always so
      focused on it with his hands.

      He was probably not even aware of it himself, it became a habitual act,
      part of his body language. The wise observer can simply look at someone and
      see all their insecurities big and small in their mannerisms.

      I saw that another friend was always asking us things relating to
      addiction, he would ask whether we sometimes had extreme eating bouts for
      instance. And numerous times what he said would come down to addiction in
      some way. So I realized that he was struggling with addictive behavior and
      he would always broach the subject almost asking for therapy in a way. He
      wanted to talk about it.

      These are small examples of the amazing penetrating effects LSD can have,
      at least for me. I never see colors or hallucinate, my mind just starts
      analyzing everything.

  2. as i wish this “modafinil” pill was real its not trust me its a scam the
    website is so shady and im pretty sure almost everyone would be taking
    these like they take vitamins if they were real

    1. It’s a real drug, trust me. It’s very commonly used by people wanting to
      get better grades at my University. Whether this particular website is
      real, I have no idea, but the drug itself can be easily obtained online and
      I have witnessed first hand the effects of it. Nothing near ‘NZT’, but
      majorly increases focus and concentration allowing someone to perform at a
      much higher work-rate than usual. My friend takes it and has good results,
      but it gives him sickness and an upset stomach.

  3. People of Democratic Republic of the Internet; please do your homework
    before you try Modafinil and if its so good to that makes you great; than
    look at the side effects and they are unfortunately great as well.

    1. Don’t buy or order from that website & you are going to regret it
    2. See your doctor first and have a talk about it,
    3. Remember most of all; eat fish and take 3 X 2000mg Omega 3 fish oil with
    Vitamin E and D, you will be a lot more comfortable and far more healthy.

    1. +Anthony T If someone’s brain already carries deficiencies, then the drug
      doesn’t have quite as much impact. It’s likely your buddy already had ADD,
      ADHD, mild narcolepsy or one of many other brain diseases. You probably
      have a relatively healthy cognitive matrix, so you felt it more. But hey!
      You might have just diagnosed your buddy, he should go see a neurologist
      about it.

    2. For me, it was great, i went for a long jog about 9 mile and also never
      slept till 3 the next morning, for my friend i gave it to after explaining
      what did done, never did anything maybe made him a little bit more awake,
      also giving it to another she felt sick the next day!, depends on the
      person and the mind.

  4. I got mine last night (https://www.modafinilcat.com/), being someone who
    has ADHD and take Dexedrine, I was interested. I do like it. It was like
    Dexedrine but smoother for lack of a better term. I tell you what though,
    even though I took it at 2pm (most say to take it in the morning) I slept
    like a baby around 11pm. I was exhausted from only getting 4 to 5 hours of
    sleep for a week, which happens often on my adhd meds while I working on my

    So now today I’m refreshed, ready to tackle my To Do list, feeling great.
    Just took my Modafinil for today.

  5. From my experience, it just lets me carry out work for as long as I want
    without getting mentally exhausted. The effects are very subtle most the
    time and usually last around 10-12 hours. This combined with caffeine
    however is amazing, it makes me much more motivated and productive then
    ever. Literally this is close to NZT in the sense that it gives you a surge
    of motivation and productivity when combined with caffeine. Good for days
    you want to be productive, no point on every other day.

    1. Just like any drug, I imagine that tolerance would build up so it’s a drug
      to use now and then when you really need to get a lot of stuff done.

  6. Is not at all like NZT. This will boost your energy and improve your mood,
    you’ll be working nonstop. I finished a lot of projects in one week, after
    the time is not like you build tolerance. You are going to get so use to
    the effect that you think is not working anymore. I tested it by myself,
    and I can tell you something. Every time you take it, there is a

    1. I’ve heard it’s expensive. Thankfully, it’s cheap for me but i was rx’d it
      for fatigue (sleep apnea.) I’ve been taking it everyday for about 2 years
      with no problems. It’s helped my depression too.☺

  7. Modafinil just acts like a long lasting caffeine without the jitters and
    crash. Nothing special. Stop falling for these snake-oil products!

  8. i ordered at modafinilcat two weeks ago today it arrived i broke one in
    half and shared it with a coworker. We took them at 8.30 waited for two
    hours maybe it woul kickin nothin happend just feeling normal no effects or
    side effects at 10. 30 we both took a 200 mg pill each and now its 11.45
    nothing is happening

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