my limitless times square hack – how i did it (NZT)

Here is how I did: I took NZT. It's a pill that allows me to use 100% of my brain. It enabled me to create this revolutionary transmitter & repeater. One pill a day and you are limitless ­čÖé

30 thoughts on “my limitless times square hack – how i did it (NZT)

  1. FAKE: This was an ad shot in 2011 and at 35:sec point you can see in the
    far distance on another screen his video playing there by mistake, then he
    approaches and does the trick, he actually gave them the recording of his
    video and timed when it would play, found out its a viral promo for the
    movie Limitless as well seen here…´╗┐

    1. It could be actually be a ad company like phinit2winit said because there
      was another display in the background with the this is just an
      ad for a movie

    2. it was whatever company was advertising the movie, Limitless. it was a
      clever promo for it, with the company renting out those screens and then
      recording the scenes in this video at perfect timing.

  2. I was about to get angry because it was clearly fake but then i saw this
    and that it was an ad for limitless now it’s kinda amusing´╗┐

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